4. Developing sustainable and replicable business models

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The “Digital Divide” has survived many a plot and scheme to end it. Many conference speakers have presented and many experts have written on the causes and solutions. Funding has been provided by many governments and donors for various interventions—most with limited impact.

DRASTIC believes that unless we can develop business models for telecommunications based enterprises which are fully viable, without subsidy, within the constraints of the indigenous marketplace, widespread adoption and resultant transformation will be illusive.

DRASTIC's President, Rob Longhurst has completed his Masters research and dissertation on the study of viable business models for Internet provision in developing countries. Read the dissertation

DRASTIC will continue to work with different parties to develop and hone such models and to prove them in practice.


DRASTIC Research papers

A quick survey of website size and download speeds for some of the most popular sites on the Internet. Dec 19, 2006 (download version)[PDF, 71Kb]


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